Virtual mobility for students and teachers - 08.06-13.06.2021

On the 1st day, Turkish, Greek and Romanian students experienced the handicrafts of Polish culture with an online activity.
On the 2nd day Romanian students have made paper folding effectiveness to Turkish, Greek and Polish students with peer-mediated teaching method.

On the 2nd day of our virtual mobility, Turkish, Greek, Polish and Romanian project teams sang our project song together. Click the link to listen to our project song and watch the clip of our project

On the 3rd day of our virtual mobility, Turkey Özkan Halaç Special Education School introduced Nasrettin Hoca (a famous person of Turkish culture) to Greek, Romanian and Polish students. Special needs students and teachers of Turkey Özkan Halaç Special Education School made a magnificent example of ecological art. Greek, Romanian and Polish students watched the online show with admiration.

Day 4 Special education school teachers and students in Greece organized a handicraft activity. Turkish, Polish and Romanian students both had fun and learned. And they produced magnificent works.

Special education school in Greece; Introduced Greek culture and the Greek city of Kavala.

Day 5 Turkish Sarar School prepared workshop about traditional Turkish legend.