About the project

Objectives for students who continue their normal development:
  • To achieve social gain, to improve language skills
  • Developing empathy and communication skills, taking responsibility, increasing self-esteem
  • To ensure that they can cooperate with their peers in different cultures and respect individual differences
  • To gain leadership qualities through peer education practices, to increase interest in learning and teaching
  • To provide the opportunity to get to know their disabled peers, to develop a positive attitude towards disabled people
  • The opportunity to observe the attitudes of their peers in different cultures towards the disabled
  • Raising interest in learning their own cultures, introducing their own cultures, giving them the opportunity to know different cultures
  • To ensure that they are sensitive to the recognition and protection of the European cultural heritage
Targets for disabled students:
  • Develop social harmony skills
  • Develop cooperation skills
  • The opportunity to become a useful person who is socially accepted and respected
  • Contribute to the development of communication skills
  • To increase their motivation towards learning by allowing them to experience the feeling of success
  • Introducing their own cultures and giving them the opportunity to know different cultures
  • Recognising and protecting the European cultural heritage
Goals for teachers:
  • Develop professional skills in special education area
  • To enable them to cooperate with their colleagues in different cultures
  • To be able to recognize educational systems of different countries and to be able to introduce their educational systems
  • To be able to introduce their own cultures, to be able to recognize different cultures
  • To have knowledge about the best practices of different country schools
  • To develop awareness on the recognition and protection of European cultural heritage

All objectives are aimed at ensuring social integration. With the project, students with mental, physical disabilities and disadvantaged students with social and economic disabilities will be provided with equal opportunities. Cultural heritage plays an important role in the history and identity of Europe's countries and of the whole continent. The project, which provides the opportunity to recognize the cultures of different European countries, will create awareness of the European cultural heritage. The results of the project are to contribute to the creation of a European Community that respects individual differences, has developed anti-discrimination, has developed self-esteem and self-confidence, has turned its disadvantages into advantages, is aware of the importance of intercultural dialogue and is integrated with a sensitive European Youth for the protection of European cultural heritage.